Friday, November 19, 2010

Change the style, size & color of your Cursor/Pointer

Quite often I hear “I can’t find the cursor” – So for those of us who may from time to time “lose the cursor” on our desktop and other screens when we are moving the mouse around – the best thing to do is to make the cursor larger or change the color from white to black – there are numerous choices…you decide.

To change the cursor/pointer appearance & other “hardware” settings follow these simple steps by going to the various settings available in your "control panel"
  • Left Click on your Start Button
  • Left Click on Control Panel
  • Left Click on "Hardware & Sound"
  • Now choose & Left Click on "Mouse", then "Change Pointer Appearance"
  • You will see is a drop down list of choices under "Schemes"
  • Once you decide which you would like, highlight it and click "Apply"
  • A good choice is: Window Standard (extra large) system scheme
If you aren't happy with your choice, No Problem - Just repeat the process until you find a style, color & size that you are happy with

These steps may vary slightly based on the level of your operating system (Windows 98, XP, Vista or 7) but remember, they are basically the same for all..

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