Friday, December 3, 2010

Great gift idea websites..

These are 2 of fastest growing & most popular websites today for “special deals” – I use both quite often, because they offer great deals and help save money. And as most of you know shopping in malls is one of my least favorite things to do.
So shopping online, especially for the holidays, is my way to shop and I’ve been very pleased with both of these companies… Cherie Houston
A great websites where you purchase discounted gift cards either directly from the one of more than 15,000 restaurants nationwide or buy a " gift card" at their discounted price and then it is redeemable at any of their affiliated restaurants nationwide. As with anything we buy on line – read the specific guidelines of each restaurant when you buy their card or if you aren’t sure – call them. When you put in a zip code, you can then choose the mile radius that you want to check from that point for participating restaurants and you will see the specific restaurants address, tele # and webpage if they have one…
Groupon is based in Chicago but has offices all over the US – you’ve seen them in the news lately because they were just purchased by “Google”… I really like this website and use it often for gift ideas here in New England and in Arizona… They offer unbeatable deals every day on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in cities through-put the US and now that Google has bought them I have no doubt they will continue to grow in leaps & bounds… Because Group promises the participating businesses a minimum number of customers, those of us who buy from them get discounts we can’t any other way – it’s called "collective buying power!" And your credit card is very safe-they never save our CC info on their servers..

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