Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How can I freeze both my top row & first column in Excel at the same time?

Q: I want to freeze the top row & first column in my Excel Spread Sheet at the same time?

A: Love this tip – this this will freeze all rows above the selected cell and all columns to the left of the selected cell –
Example: if you highlight cell B2 – then your top row and first column would be the only 2 things frozen!!!

In 97-2003 Excel
• Left click on a single cell of your worksheet
• Then go to Window; then choose Freeze Pane

In 2007-2010 Excel
• Left Click on the View Tab, go to the “Window Section”
• Open drop down list for "Freeze panes"
• Choose Freeze panes

Note-If you have Office Starter (Word Starter, Excel Starter, Power Point Starter) which is a Microsoft Application program that has replaced the former Microsoft Works - you cannot FREEZE or UNFREEZE cells. Although the starter programs allow you to perform many tasks, it is not a full featured program such as the Microsoft Office for Student & Home Versions and above...

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