Monday, May 27, 2013

Enjoy Memorial Day

On behalf of all of us at MCC (Mohave Community College) we hope you will join us and take a moment today to remember all those who serve or have served our country - if that's you, or members of your family, a very special thank you.

We also thought you'd enjoy checking out a favorite Memorial Day website with lots of helpful information about the holiday and the way it is celebrated.. enjoy

When I want to know which websites are “Hot” – we can always check out – which we refer to in classes quite often..

Another favorite website to visit that lists their opinion of the top “100 websites” is:

Want to travel from the comfort of home, then check out web cams all over the world, including spring tulip farms in Holland, beaches all over the country or world, the Eiffel Tower and many many more:

So check them out, and if you have a favorite website you'd like us to share with everyone - just send it to me and remember to save websites you visit to your favorite or bookmark list so they are easy to visit again in the future..

Enjoy the Internet - where we can learn & explore anytime - anywhere…

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