Sunday, October 4, 2009


Just a few reminders to help you enjoy using the internet...

When you visit a website you enjoy, be sure to save it to your favorites, so you can access it again easily... How????When the website is on your monitor:

  • Go to the Menu bar, choose Favorites
  • Top of the list that appears choose "add to favorites"
  • Now "choose your folder" or create and name a new folder
  • Now "be sure you are happy with the name" or type your own for the website
  • Now click ADD and it's added to your favorite list

Next time you're on the Internet, go to Favorites, find your folder and websites you've saved will be there without having to remember the web address - just left click on it and another connection to the Internet will open and connect you to the website....

A few other reminders....

  • Use the F5 function key to REFRESH any page on your monitor
  • Use the F11 function key to get a FULL SCREEN (and eliminate all the toolbars) to get them back, just tap the F11 key again...

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