Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Upcoming Classes - Early November

COMPUTERS FOR THE FUN OF IT LSC062-124 Wed & Thurs Nov 3 & 4 8:30am-12:20pm
Two 4 Hour classes reviewing computer hardware, software, printing tips, keyboard shortcut tips, customizing desktop-changing backgrounds, create shortcuts, using quick launch bar, Start Menu, Task Bar, control panel & much more… Bring your questions..

DIGITAL CAMERA BASICS LSC100A-122 Tues & Wed Nov 3 & 4 1pm-4:50pm
Two 4 hour classes-Intro to digital cameras; pixels, camera lingo, basic how to’s, move photo’s to your PC with memory card & memory card reader, organize photos on your PC using Windows Explorer; save photos to portable drives - Bring your digital camera to class

FIND/ORGANIZE WHAT’S ON YOUR PC LSC 062-125 Mon & Tues Nov 9 & 10 8:30am-12:20pm
Two 4 Hours Classes helping you find what you’ve saved on your PC; organize your work, files & photo’s to always find them quickly & easily. Learn to back up your pc, photo & documents with portable flash & hard drives, memory cards and memory card readers..

INTERNET AND IT'S MANY USES LSC 071-221: Mon & Tues Nov 9 & 10 1pm-4:50pm
Two 4 Hour classes with lots of Internet tips & lingo, such as ISP, browser, blogger and more; when & why to use F5 & F11; understanding websites & hyperlinks, basics of email, using “Google & Bing” to search web, images, news; translating to & from different languages; blogging

LAPTOP BASICS LSC100-121: Thursday, Nov. 12, 8:30-12:20pm,
A 4 hr. workshop to learn the Desktop & laptop differences, basic features of using a laptop, accessories needed, maneuvering around, Internet & WiFi Basics, shortcuts, security & more

EMAIL HOW TO’S – ADVANCED LSC071- 222: Thursdays, Nov 12 & 19 1pm-4:50pm,
Two 4 hour classes to enhance your basic email skills – work extensively with attachments of all types – documents, photos, videos, power point – learn to open & save, find & attach. Also learn to work with hyperlinks; learn to copy & paste to & from emails, Internet and word

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