Thursday, January 20, 2011

Excel 2010 - Create an "Auto Fill List" Office 2010

EXCEL 2010 - HOW TO CREATE/ADD YOUR OWN CUSTOMIZED “AUTO FILL LIST” (this has changed a little since earlier versions of Excel)

If you have a list/header row already typed on a spreadsheet – skip this step

“Type your list either in the first row or the first column” of an Excel spreadsheet

  • Highlight this customized list that you want to add to the Auto Fill Master list
  • Now, go to the File Tab & choose “Options”
  • In the Options list – in the left column, Choose Advanced
  • Bring the scroll bar on the right down almost to the bottom.. until you see the button “EDIT CUSTOM LIST” (to the right of “create lists for the use in sort 7 fill sequences”)
  • That Opens the Edit Custom List Dialog Box – toward the bottom right, left click in the button Import
  • Now you will see your list in the right column-“List Entries” and in the left list “Custom Lists” – Click OK


  • If you have a list in another program (word, word perfect, email, etc) – simply highlight and copy the list in that program, open the Edit Custom List Dialog Box, right click and choose paste – the list will not be in the “List Entries” and when you add it – it will be added with the commas after each word/phrase.
  • To change this list in the future (add or remove titles), come back to this dialog box, left click on the custom list on the left side that you want to change – the list will appear in the “List Entries” on the right – make the change and then click on ADD, then click OK
  • You can only change “custom lists” you’ve created, not ones that came with your software..

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