Friday, March 18, 2011

Classes March & April 2011

This week, Spring Break is in full swing and the entire staff at Mohave Community College is enjoying a little time off, but Monday-March 21st the college reopens and we have lots of “for fun” classes scheduled..

When you aren’t taking classes at MCC, there is always something going on in Havasu and more often than not, there is so much going on you can’t do everything you’d like to…So check out these websites…

Computer class sizes tend to be a little smaller this time of year, so lots of extra personal attentiont – so call today and join us to make full use of your computer, digital camera and all those wonderful photos you are taking…Call Registration Monday and sign up 928-453-1139 or 855-7812…And remember to ask about our 25% off senior discount!!! If you aren't sure what class might be right for you just contact me and we'll make sure you choose the right class

SOCIAL NETWORKING-FACEBOOK & BLOGGING LSC080-122: Two 4 hr. classes on Mar 22 & 25: Tuesday & Friday afternoons, 1pm-4:50pm

LAPTOP BASICS LSC100-122: One 4 hr. class on March 23, Wednesday morning, 8:30am-12:20pm

DIGITAL CAMERA BASICS LSC100A-222: Two 4 hr. classes on Mar 24 & 25: Thursday & Friday mornings, 8:30m-12:20pm

COMPUTERS BASICS LSC062-123: Two 4 hr. classes on Mar 28 & 30: Monday & Wednesday morning, 8:30am-12:20pm

FIND & ORGANIZE WHAT’S ON YOUR PC WITH WINDOWS EXPLORER LSC062-126: Two 4 hr. classes on March 28 & 30, Monday & Wednesday afternoons, 1pm-4:50pm

HOW TO BUY & SELL ONLINE LSC101-122 : Two 4 hr. classes on March 29 & 31, Tuesday & Thursday afternoons, 1pm-4:50pm

INTERNET & IT’S MANY USES LSC071-123, Two 4 hr. classes Apr. 4 & 6, Monday & Wednesday mornings8:30am-12:20pm

POWER POINT SLIDE SHOWS LSC069D-121: Two 4 hr. classes on April 4 & 11, Tuesday afternoons, 1pm-4:50pm

CREATE GREAT LOOKING DOCUMENTS USING MS WORD: LSC068-123: Two 4 hr. classes on April 5 & 12, Tuesday mornings, 8:30am-12:20pm

EXCEL LIST AND DATA MANAGEMENT LSC069-122: Two 4 hr. classes on April 5 & 12, Tuesday afternoons, 1pm-4:50pm

CREATE A BOOK WITH DIGITAL PHOTOS LSC100A-225: Two 4 hr. classes on Wednesday afternoons, April 6 & 13, 1pm- 4:50pm

MOVIE MAKER LSC100A- 227: Two 4 hr. classes on April 7 & 14, Thursday afternoons, 1pm-4:50pm

PICASA PHOTO EDITING LSC100A-123: Two 4 hr. classes on April 11 & 13, Monday & Wednesday morning, 8:30am-12:20pm

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