Tuesday, May 10, 2011

System Restore for Windows XP & Vista

System restore is great feature in Windows XP & Vista that allows you to take your computer back to an earlier time to undo any harmful changes that might have occurred – and you won’t lose any recently stored work, such as emails, favorites/bookmarks, documents, photos, music etc.

Your computer automatically creates restore points (called checkpoints) or you can create your own (something many of us do prior to downloading new software or making major changes)…


  • Log on to Windows as an Administrator

  • Click Start, the click All Programs, then click Accessories, then click System Tools

  • Now when the list of Tools appear, choose/left click on "System Restore"

  • The "Welcome to System Restore page/dialog box opens"

  • You will see three options: 1) Restore my computer to an earlier time, 2) Create a restore point, 3) Undo my last restoration

  • Choose/click on “Restore my computer to an earlier time” - click Next

  • The calendar will appear – dates that are bold are dates when restorations “checkpoints” were created and are saved for you to "restore to"

  • Choose/click the date you want and in the left side of the screen you will now see the date & time of that restoration

  • Click Next, restoration will be done and it will confirm that it was successful

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