Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What is Adobe Flash Player and do I need it on my computer?

Yes – absolutely. In essence, this is a computer language which is used when writing/creating many games, animations, and other media content on the internet – so in order for us to be able to view them, as they are meant to be seen, we have to have Adobe Flash Player on our computers or we aren’t able to view them. It’s also advisable to allow the latest update when it prompts you to do so…

  • An early competitive version of Flash was Macromedia Flash,but that company was acquired By Adobe in a merger finalized in December 2005-so we now only use Adobe Flash Player.

  • Some games also use a program called “shockwave” so it’s possible that you might also be prompted to have this plug-in on your computer also in order to play certain games…

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