Monday, May 14, 2012

Are your documents & photos safe & private in DropBox?

As soon as the post about DropBox hit last Thursday, May 10th, many of you sent me emails asking how private DropBox was.  Remember, DropBox, like most “cloud computing” services is very careful about privacy. DropBox even claims that files we store with them are actually safer while stored in your DropBox than on your computer; they also state that they use the same secure methods as banks.

So yes – your files are backed-up, they are all stored securely, and password-protected.  No one else using DropBox can see what is in your private files UNLESS you deliberately invite or you put your files into your Public folder.

HOWEVER – Personally, I wouldn’t recommend using DropBox on a “public computer” such as those in the classroom.  Your home and work computers, which are used by you and you alone are fine, but remember the DropBox folder is just like any other folder, so on a public computer it can be accessed…

Remember: everything and anything in your Public folders, just like those in your Shared/Public Folders on the computer are accessible to anyone...  

Next week we will be talking about “Google Drive” (which was introduced at the end of April 2012 and is a great addition to the Google Doc’s storage app).  Yes, like “DropBox” it is another “cloud computing” service, but obviously from Google.  For many of us, especially those with free GMAIL accounts this may be your better option, especially for those who often use public computers

Check back on Wednesday, May 16th for more discussion about Google Drive vs. DropBox…

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