Saturday, February 26, 2011

Working With Bookmarks/Favorites In Chrome by Google

FOR THOSE OF US WHO USE “CHROME" GOOGLE'S WEB BROWSER, use the bookmark manager to organize your bookmarks and folders. Remember "Website Favorites" are called "Bookmarks" in Chrome & other browsers.. To open the manager, follow these steps:

  1. Click the wrench icon (in the upper right hand corner of your chrome web page screen) on the browser toolbar. Mac users: If you don't see the wrench icon, go to the menu bar at the top of your screen and click Bookmarks.
  2. Select Bookmark manager.

Here are a few tips for using the manager:

  • Move bookmarks or folders around
    Simply click the item you want to move and drag it to its new destination within the folder list on the left.
  • Edit the name or web address of a bookmark, or a folder name
    Select the item you'd like to edit, click the Organize menu, then select Edit. You can also easily edit bookmarks and folders from the bookmarks bar by right-clicking the item in question and selecting Rename.
  • Search bookmarks
    Use the search box at the top to quickly find a bookmark within the manager.
  • Add a new bookmark folder
    In the folder list on the left, right-click the location where you want the new folder to reside and select Add folder
  • Delete a bookmark or folder
    Right-click the item and select Delete.

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