Thursday, April 7, 2011

Configuring iTunes for Music Downloads

Before you can start downloading and/or converting songs in your iTunes library, you need to select an audio format to convert to: To do this:

  1. Be sure you your iTunes library/account open
  2. Click edit (from the main menu at the top of screen) and then click preferences.
  3. Select the advanced tab and then the importing tab.
  4. Click on the import using drop-down menu and select an audio format (such as mp3 which is my personal favorite to use in most free movie making and other project software or wav).
  5. To change bitrate settings, use the settings drop-down menu .
  6. Click the OK button to finish.
Note-many of the songs we purchase today are downloaded in mp4 or another format and are often too large to be used in some project software, such as Picasa's movie making; Windows Movie Maker, Power Point and some mp3 players - so personally I always download all music to my computer using the mp3 format, so I can use it just about anywhere anytime...

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