Saturday, August 27, 2011


No doubt all of us have tried to call the customer service or tech support departments in any number of companies, only to waste time listening to music we don’t like and waiting to be told which button to push to continue on thru a maze of other numbers in the hopes of maybe getting thru to a live person that can help us…

Next time, before you make that call, you might want to check out these two websites, that can help you to maneuver thru these mazes. Both of these websites, list the correct phone numbers for countless companies and they also will give you the correct button sequences to get you through to a live person much more quickly.

The websites are:

Get Human -

Dial A Human -

Before you make that call - also consider another option "Instant Messaging" that is offered by many companies directly on their websites. Yes, many companies today offer us the ability to “instant message their customer service and or tech support personnel” directly from their companies website..

If this is an option, try it. Most of us find this much more effective than waiting on the telephone - because you can converse "via typing" back and forth with this individual.. I also like this because I can then highlight our conversation - copy it - and save it in my PC Problem folder that I've created in My Documents for reference in the future...

Instant messaging also allows you the option to immediately attach documents that they can read - so you can scan in a document you might want them to see and then attach it during your "instant messaging conversation" or if it's a computer problem – this option also allows you the ability to “take a picture of what’s on your monitor” by using the CTRL + PRNT SCREEN Key and then pasting the photo in word and saving it in a PC problem folder you’ve created, so that while you are “talking/instant messaging the tech support person, you can attach the document that will show him/her the problem or error message you are getting…

Technology can be frustrating, but if you know what to do you can use it all to your advantage..

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