Thursday, November 22, 2012

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday

On behalf of myself and the entire staff at Mohave Community College we want to to wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving... Cherie Houston

"May we all be thankful for the warm family memories we have gathered over the years and may we all get our chance to make our wish on the turkey's wish bone" ~ Father York..

A little Thanksgiving Trivia...

Was Turkey served at the first Thanksgiving? There is no evidence that turkey was eaten at the first Thanksgiving, a three-day meal shared between the pilgrims and Wampanoaug tribe in 1621. It is more likely that they ate venison and a lot of seafood

Did Thanksgiving become a holiday with the pilgrims? No-Thanksgiving became a public holiday in 1863, when president Abraham Lincoln declared it so

Of the three utensils we will use at Thanksgiving (fork, knife & spoon), which wasn't available at the first Thanksgiving? The fork. What did they use to eat their meal with? A knife, a spoon and their fingers. The fork was not brought by the pilgrims. Governor Winthrop of Massachusetts introduced it 10 years later, but it did not really catch on until the 18th century.

In colonial times, did all the Colonies celebrate Thanksgiving or was it just a New England custom? All colonies celebrated Thanksgiving but at different times depending of their harvest

The idea of a “children’s table” at Thanksgiving stemmed from the original feast. What did the
children have to do before they could eat? Children were made to set, serve and clear the tables for the adults.

The Pilgrims invited the Indians to join them for their Thanksgiving feast.  According to history, how many came? 90 Indians from the Wampanoaug tribe including their chief Massoit

Does Turkey really make us sleepy? Not really. Trytophan does make us tired and it is in turkey. But more of it can be found in soybeans, parmesan and pork. So what is to blame for the post-meal coma? Well, it could be the quantity of food over-consumed. The huge serving of dessert could have an effect. Or it could be the amount of booze drunk midday

Do people consume a lot of liquor during this holiday? YES! It has been claimed again and again that the night before Thanksgiving is the biggest drinking night of the year -- beating out New Years Eve and St. Patricks Day. Why? It is the number one evening where people return home and reunite with their high school buddies. Or possibly the anxiety of being surrounded by family drives some to drink

Did the Pilgrims serve their own version of a green bean casserole? They didn't. Green been casserole came into being just 50 some years ago and was created by Campbell's soup. It came about when the company was making new recipes for its annual cookbook. Now, Campbells sells about $20 million worth of cream of mushroom soup, most likely for people to make the casserole

How many turkeys are consumed on Thanksgiving in the United States? An estimated 46 million turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving (the birds weigh, on average, 16 pounds). That is more than double the amount eaten on Christmas (22 million) and Easter (19 million). In 2010, more than 244 million turkeys were raised and about 226 million of those were consumed in the United States

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