Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What is Windows 8, Windows RT & Microsoft Surface???

MICROSOFT WINDOWS 8 - Microsoft 8 is Microsoft's newest operating system which was released last Friday, October 26th...Designed with increased security, reliability and performance improvement.  Windows 8 is designed with touch screen tablets in mind, first thing you'll notice a very different start screen with "tiles" for your applications, instead of icons...and the tiles light up when new info (emails, photos etc) are available to keep you up to date.. It offers "picture passwords"; ability to go from full-screen video to your spreadsheets in one swipe, or snap them side-by-side for easy multi-tasking. Find and access files much more quickly; instant searches from any app you're in and open favorite programs in lightning speed!! Just a few of the many new features and Microsoft states on their website, that Windows 8 can be purchased and downloaded to any computer currently running Windows XP, Vista or 7.. although others don’t agree at all, unless you have a Windows 7 computer bought in the last few months..

MICROSOFT WINDOWS RT - Available as Oct. 26th, 2012 on one version of the new Microsoft Surface Tablet.. This is an operating system (formerly known as Windows on ARM*) - ARM is not acronym….  Windows RT is a version of the Windows 8 operating system for ARM devices* such as tablet and the Microsoft Surface that was released on October 26, 2012. Unlike other Windows operating systems, it will only be able to run software that has been certified by Microsoft and placed in the Windows Store. Windows RT will include additional applications such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote 2013 RT.

*ARM is designed for low-power applications because it's a less complicated microprocessor... These microprocessors are found primarily in phones, calculators and other hand held devices where less calls are made to memory so they quickly and efficiently. Windows has ARM in the Operating Systems for hand-held devices for sometime now....

The public can't purchase Microsoft Windows RT, it will be sold strictly to device manufacturers directly and is going to be used primarily for Microsoft's new tablet computer called Microsoft Surface that will be available in two versions: one will run with Windows RT system, and the other tablet computer will run with Windows 8..  Windows RT doesn't include Windows Media Player, but for free, will include Office 2012 Home & Student RT.  Those of us buying systems with Windows 8 will still have to purchase and install Office separately.  Also Windows RT will only run  applications that have been included in Microsoft's App store, on apps receiving Microsoft certification.. To most, this sounds a lot like the Mac Apple world of Apple products only... where Microsoft and Apple will both restrict what applications are available to their consumers...

MICROSOFT'S SURFACE.. Microsoft Surface Microsoft Surface is a series of tablets designed and marketed by Microsoft, the first version which includes Microsoft Windows RT became available October 26th, 2012.  The Microsoft Surface will be available in two versions, the first became available October 26th with Windows RT (price range $499-$699).  The newer Surface Windows 8 Pro 2, is still not available, but some say cost start about $899+. The Windows RT model will use an *ARM CPU, while the Windows 8 model will use an Intel CPU.  Both models will be able to install new applications via the Windows Store, however only the Windows 8 model allows the installation of traditional desktop programs

*So consider holding off getting one of the new Microsoft Surface Tablets with Windows RT – some suspect that what we create on them (using the Office Home & Student RT version) might not be compatible with other systems, so give it some time to get the kinks worked out..Windows

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