Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Internet Greeting Cards

Sending greeting cards "via email" gets easier all the time - put any/all of these addresses into your "Internet Favorites List" and pick & choose when you need to send cards – my favorite 2 are www.hallmark.com (some free cards) and www.jacquielawson.com which has an annual fee to use, but well worth it..

Many of the following websites, offer free cards - however some have recently changed and only offer a small group of free cards, but for a nominal annual fee ($9.95-14.95/yr) you can have your choice of unlimited cards - the choice is yours.

These are just a few of the many online greeting card websites. A great feature of many of these websites is the opportunity to add “gift cards or certificates”, to send flowers, and other great gift ideas done by credit card, with various partners that they are affiliated with (such as flowers.com, vermont teddy bear, bed, bath & beyond, toys & babies r us and others).. Makes shopping so much easier and you aren’t spending time or money on greeting cards, stamps and running in and out of stores…


As you send cards, you can build your address book (contact list) in the online greeting card site; many also offer reminder services so you don’t forget important dates and most allow you to schedule cards for as much as 18 months in advance… Life gets easier all the time…

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