Saturday, September 4, 2010

What are keyboard keys called & what do they do

These are the different types of keys on our Keyboard and what they do..

  • Alphanumeric Keys: sets of letters and numbers
  • Arrow/Navigation Keys: move the cursor
  • Function Keys: F1-F12, etc – functions vary on programs
  • Numeric Keys: separate keypad to enter numbers
  • Text Editing Keys: used in word & document processing
  • Window Keys: activate the start menu & other shortcuts

The keyboard enables you to communicate with the computer by typing information and instructions into the computer (the type of keyboard we use are used for computers and cell phones as “QWERTY STYLE").

A numeric keypad is located at the right of the keyboard. It is used like a 10-key calculator.

The top row of keys are function keys. They perform specific tasks in software applications. We don’t need to be concerned with them.

Esc. or “escape” on the top left of your keyboard allows you to stop a task at anytime.

The Ctrl or “control” keys are on the bottom left and right corners of your keyboard. They are used with other keys to complete commands.

The Enter key is on the center row, right side of your keyboard. Use enter to move your cursor down a line.

The Backspace key is on the right end of the row of number keys on your keyboard. Pressing the backspace key moves your cursor one space to the left, and eliminates any typing as it moves.

The arrow up, down, left and right keys on the keyboard allow you to move around your document without destroying your work.
Up = one line; Down = one line; Left = one character or letter; Right = one character or letter
The Delete key will eliminate any typing to the right of the blinking cursor.

The page up, page down keys allow you to move up and down on a page of your document quickly.

The Home key takes you to the beginning of your current line of type.

The End key takes you to the end of your current line of type.

The Home key, used with the control key, takes you to the very beginning of your document.

The End key, used with the control key, takes you to the end of your document quickly.

The Windows Flag Key, used with other keys, will give your various results - such as the Windows Flag Key alone brings up your start menu; the Windows Flag Key with the letter will Minimize all open windows; the Windows Flag Key and the letter E opens Windows Explorer

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