Sunday, September 26, 2010

Should you have many different passwords to get into your accounts?

NO – the more passwords you have the more likely you are to forget them. Consider having 2 or at the most 3 different passwords, but be sure they are strong (combination of numbers and letters work best). Consider
  • 1 password for getting into each of your email accounts
  • 1 password for getting into your financial accounts
  • 1 password for getting into all other accounts you register with


  • Keep your primary email addresses, user names and passwords on an index card with your other important papers.
  • Don't share your passwords on the Internet, over email, on the phone or in the mail with something sent to you-only when you generate the contact. Internet Service Providers (ISP) and reputable companies will never generate calls, emails or correspondence asking for your password or other confidential information. If it doesn't feel right - don't respond!!!!
  • Passwords are always case sensitive
  • Never use your email password for anything but your email account
  • Create another password (minimum 8-20 characters) a word & phrase with 3 or 4 numbers (be sure the numbers & letters are not consecutive, that you use for all other Internet accounts. If you need to change it, reverse the order (i.e. 4378david or david4378 or DAVID4378 or 4378 DAVID)

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