Thursday, September 16, 2010

Protect your mobile devices - cell phones, blackberry's etc.

We received these tips from State Farm Insurance and thought you would find them helpful…

Smartphones (iPhones, Droids, etc); Blackberry’s and other mobile devices are just “always-on computers” that can make phone calls." So how can you protect your phone and your identity from this new breed of mobile-minded criminal? Here are some tips:

Protect your phone
Use common sense in protecting your smartphone from hackers and identity thieves. Don't let strangers borrow your phone, protect access to e-mail and sensitive data with a PIN or password, don't use unofficial apps for online banking, and don't click on links from text messages. Basically, if you wouldn't do it on your home computer, don't do it on your smartphone. Be wary of free apps that aren't from established, trusted, familiar sources. Steer clear of pirated app repositories; stick to official versions for safe mobile surfing. And when you use public WiFi for Web access, don't visit sites that require you to share sensitive personal information such as account numbers or your social security number. Hackers may lurk on WiFi networks.

Watch bills vigilantly
Check your bill carefully each month. If you see downloads you didn't authorize or calls you didn't make, contact your wireless provider immediately. If you receive a confirmation e-mail when you download an app, take time to actually read through it so that you know exactly what you are putting on your phone—and where it's coming from.

Question quirks
If your home computer started doing bizarre things like shutting down without warning, sending unauthorized email messages or pulling up websites that don't match the address typed in, you might suspect a virus. But users don't necessarily make the same connection when bizarre quirks develop on smartphones. Mobile devices will usually issue similar weird warnings when they're infected with malware.

For more tips to protect your online identity and more, visit this State Farm link:

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