Thursday, October 28, 2010


So much information comes to us today on CD's & DVD's - so it's important to take care of them properly...

  • Handle only at the hub or outer edge. Don't touch the shiny surface with your fingers
  • Store in a protective case when not in use
  • Don't bend the disc when taking it out of the case
  • Be careful not to scratch the disc when placing it in the case or in the player tray
  • Make certain the disc is properly seated in the player tray before you close it
  • Keep discs away from radiators, heaters, hot equipment surfaces, direct sunlight (near a window or in a car during hot weather) and other destructive forces
  • DVD specs recommend discs be stored at a temps between 50 °-90 °F with less than 27 °F variation per hour, at relative humidity of 5 to 90 percent
  • Artificial light and indirect sunlight have no effect on replicated DVDs, BUT
  • Exposure to bright sunlight may affect recordable DVDs, specifically write-once DVDs (DVD-R and DVD+R) that use light-sensitive dyes
  • Magnetic fields have no effect on DVDs, so it's OK to leave them sitting on your speakers

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