Monday, October 18, 2010

Name & Save Your Work

Whether you are writing a letter using Word Pad, Word, Word Perfect OR creating a list of items from home or contact list using a spreadsheet software such as Excel OR creating a slide show for a power point presentation - remember when you begin - name your document immediately.
How we name a document is the same, although it varies some based on the version of software you are using...

You will notice when you open a document in Word it will have a Document Number in the title bar; if you open a spreadsheet in Excel it will have a Workbook Number - these will be replaced when you name your work (the more “new documents or spreadsheets you open” the higher the numbers get all day )

We name documents and save them in our choose of specific folders so that we can find them easily when we need them again... Saving work in folders is done in the same way in which we file work in a metal file cabinet...
  • Go to File on the Menu Bar (or in newer versions go to the Office Button)
  • Choose "Save As"
  • In the newer versions of Word/Excel etc - you want to choose "Save as 97-2003" so that it can then be opened by others using these earlier versions
  • Be sure you are in the correct DRIVE - at home the C Drive - OR if you are using a flash memory stick-choose that drive; OR at work or in school, choose the drive assigned to you.
  • Then open the “My Documents” or "Documents" drawer
  • Now choose or create the folder you want your work saved in
  • Now NAME THE DOCUMENT, such as 2010.10.18 letter to paul
  • Remember you can not use / or \ slashes when naming anything on the computer and numbers always come before letters on the computers filing system
  • Once you are done typing the name you can use Enter on the keyboard, or choose OK or save with the mouse
  • It is now saved and when you look at the work on monitor you will see the new name at the top on the title bar and on the open button on your task bar

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