Saturday, October 16, 2010

Using a Mouse-Left or Right Click??

The "mouse" allows you to do many things - when you watch your monitor, the mouse control you will see is called the "cursor"...

By default (standard setting) "Mice" are set up assuming the person using it is "right handed" - you can change that default setting by going to: start, control panel, mouse - and changing the setting from right hand to left hand...

In all cases - these will affect whatever your mouse/cursor is on, on the monitor. It can open an application software program for you to use or when you are on the internet it will take you to another website; it can move an icon from one side of the screen to another, or when you right click you will have a list of various actions that you can have occur to whatever is under your mouse/cursor... Key is to know where your mouse/cursor is on the monitor before using your mouse keys...

When you are learning to use the mouse or speaking to a tech support or other person who is explaining something about your computer - the terms they will use for actions of the mouse and what they mean are:

  • Pointing: Position the mouse over an item on your monitor
  • Clicking: Pressing and releasing the mouse button
  • Double-clicking: Press and release the mouse button twice rapidly - usually the left button
    Click n'Drag (or dragging) : Holding the left mouse button down while dragging it, will move or carry w whatever was under the cursor on the monitor
  • Left-click: Press and release the “left” mouse button (Makes something happen) to whatever your mouse/cursor is on
  • Right-click: Press and release the “right” mouse button (Get an action menu for whatever your mouse/cursor is on)

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