Friday, October 22, 2010

Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook

Some great shortcuts when you are using Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is one of the Office programs, which allows us to easily control contacts, calendars, email accounts, tasks, a journal and other daily functions that we maintain on the computer. It is a very popular program used by companies and individuals alike.

If you use keyboard shortcuts a lot like I do, you might want to use these keyboard shortcuts when you are working in your Microsoft Outlook Program, to easily switch from one Outlook pane (subject) to another…. So, if you were in any segment of your calendar, and you wanted to quickly go to your contacts, you would use CTRL+3..

Keyboard Shortcuts when using Outlook to change between Navigation Panes:

  • CTRL+1 Mail Navigation
  • CTRL+2 Calendar Navigation
  • CTRL+3 Contacts Navigation
  • CTRL+4 Tasks Navigation
  • CTRL+5 Notes Navigation
  • CTRL+6 Folder List Navigation
  • CTRL+7 Shortcuts Navigation
  • CTRL+8 Journal Navigation

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