Friday, October 8, 2010

Picasa - Geotagging Photos with Google Earth

You need to have Google Earth and Picasa installed on your computer to use this feature. This feature is not currently available in Picasa for Mac.

Download Picasa - go to

Download Google Earch - go to

The easiest way to match your photos to a specific location is to use Google Maps in Picasa. However, you can also use the original geotag feature in Picasa, which launched Google Earth to accomplish the same thing. Geotagging your photo does the following:
• Embeds location information within your photo.
• Displays your photo on a satellite map rendered by Google Earth.

To geotag a photo, follow these steps:

  1. Select the photos in Picasa.
  2. Click the Geotag button in the Photo Tray. Google Earth opens up and a small Picasa window appears in the lower-right corner.
  3. Navigate and zoom to the location in Google Earth that corresponds with where your picture was taken, and place the yellow cross-hairs on your chosen spot.
  4. Click the Geotag button to place the selected photo. You can also click the Geotag All button to tag all of the selected pictures with the same location information.
  5. When all of your pictures are geotagged, click the Done button to finish the placement.
  6. When you exit Google Earth, click the Yes button to save the geotagged locations in your 'My Places' folder.
  7. You'll then be able to access the photos in 'My Places' any time you open up Google Earth.

Picasa will write the longitude and latitude to the photo's EXIF GPS metadata. You can view this data (GPS Latitude and Longitude) by right-clicking (Windows) Control-clicking (Mac) a geotagged image in Picasa and selecting Properties. Geotagged photos are marked in Picasa by a small cross-hair icon on their thumbnails.

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